Does state law require public schools to be "open to all"?


Does state law mandate "equality of educational opportunity"?


Do the courts recognize education as a fundamental right?


State Constitution

Art. 8 Preamble. The goal of the public educational system is to provide learning environments and experiences, at all stages of human development, that are humane, just, and designed to promote excellence in order that every individual may be afforded an equal opportunity to develop to his full potential.
Art. 8 § 1.The legislature shall provide for the education of the people of the state and shall establish and maintain a public educational system.


In Louisiana, attendance zones could be vulnerable to a challenge based on the promise in the state constitution that the public schools provide “equal opportunity” for every individual.
A separate set of laws apply to the Recovery District which was created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The legislature requires that the students in the Recovery District be assigned to schools “without regard to the attendance zones” and that schools have open enrollment policies for “the enrollment of students
in reasonable proximity to the neighborhoods where concentrations of students reside.” La. Stat.Title 17 § 10.7.

Open Enrollment

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State Law Establishing Attendance Zones

No laws, but regulations permit attendance zones. LA Administrative Code Title 28 Part CXV § 303:“Each city and parish school board shall have full and final authority and responsibility for the assignment, transfer and continuance of all students among and within the public schools within its jurisdiction.”

State Law Criminalizing Use Of Incorrect Address

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Charter School Admissions

Charter schools are allowed to establish “geographic boundaries” and grant “prefer- ence for enrollment” to those living within
the boundaries. La. Stat.Title 17 § 3991.