Injustice in West Tampa


Are you raising kids in West Tampa?  If so, their closest public school may be an A-rated school just a few minutes to the south. But many of our kids are being sent to C and D schools that are further away, like Tampa Bay Boulevard, West Tampa, or Dickenson.

This is against the law. And we’re fighting back for West Tampa families.

The racial statistics are disturbing too. These A-rated schools are all majority white, and they’re bussing our kids to schools that are 90% kids of color or even more. This isn’t right.

When a school district fails to reassign families to their nearest public school, it has violated federal civil rights law. The Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974 forbids school districts from sending students of color to a school that is not the nearest to their home if it will increase segregation.  Hillsborough County Public Schools violates this law when it sends kids who live near A-rated schools to struggling schools that are further away.

Here at Available To All, we are fighting back on behalf of the families of West Tampa, so that your kids have equal access to the best public schools.

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